Stay Idle, Or Go Viral

Viral marketing; a marketing technique in which brand awareness is increased through the network effect of the internet. Viral campaigns have become very popular in recent times, greatly due to the increase of internet activity. Thanks to the large number of internet users, as well as the large number of networking and sharing websites, popular campaigns will be known worldwide in just a couple of days.

This ability for users to share and connect with people offers a great marketing tool that  can significantly boost awareness of a brand, as well as product sales. Viral campaigns are targeted at individuals with high social networking potential, as these people have a higher probability to spread and share in a short period of time. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube are great sharing tools for users and popular content can easily reach millions of people, and that means reaching millions of potential consumers.

Although, viral campaigns are not always successful and so it is not in anyone’s best interest to attempt to produce a viral campaign, it would be better to produce an advertisement and hope it goes viral. Even though viral campaigns can sometimes be hit or miss, there are many examples of very successful advertising campaigns that have gone viral and become very popular. One of the best and most recent examples of this is the Old Spice commercials. These were HUGELY successful and increased brand awareness significantly. In the sporting world, Sporting Portugal, a Portugese football club, had an interesting advertising campaign in which they created an interactive ad where the viewer entered their name and phone number and the manager in the ad would ring them up and request they buy a season ticket (all in time with the video). This a very interesting approach and proved to be quite successful.

Viral marketing shows just how great social medias are for promoting brand awareness and product purchase. With this new connection between everyone in the world, businesses are able to reach every corner of the globe. Social medias are certainly the future for marketing and advertisement.


Major Pinterest

Pinterest is a new pinboard-styled social photo sharing website that began in March 2010. The website allows users to create and share theme-based image collections and since it started has been declared one of the fastest growing websites in history, reaching the 10 million monthly visitor mark faster than both Twitter and Facebook, and making it into Time magazine’s “50 Best Websites of 2011” column as well as being named the “Best New Startup of 2011” by TechCrunch. But how could Pinterest be used by businesses?

Pinterest has a very large female demographic with the majority of the site being used by women, so for a business to use Pinterest for marketing the product would in almost all situations have to be targeted at women or both men and women. Unless the demographic of the website began to substantially change, any marketing targeted at men would most likely fail on Pinterest.

The scrapbook style of the Pinterest website could also be used as a communication tool within businesses to collect information, design images, or even news to share amongst each other. Employees could build there own image board which would be easily accessible by other people involved and shared with others. Although because Pinterest is a open social media, it would of course be wise to not share any private information on the website.

In a sporting context, Pinterest could possibly be a successful way of advertising and promoting women’s sport as well as encouraging women to play sport and stay active and healthy. By sharing posters, and flyers, as well as photos of famous female sporting icons, interest in events, sports, and individuals could increase within the female demographic and possibly lead to an increase in viewership and attendance of women’s sports. Promotion of opportunities for people to become involved and participate in sport would also be an important thing to consider for the growth of sports in the female demographic.

The large interest in Pinterest, as well as the female demographic would prove useful for women’s sport and women athletes and could be a useful tool in promoting and encouraging more women to be involved with sport themselves. Although relatively new, Pinterest is making waves in social media and could become a useful advertising tool for some businesses.

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