Social Medias for Communication

A key element of a good businessĀ is it’s communication, whether it be between the employees, between the board and the CEO, or even between the company and it’s stakeholders. Without communication, every business would be doomed to failure. The introduction of email changed the way that businesses communicate, and now social medias look to do the same.

Social medias change all aspects of communication within a business, with many different types of social medias, and many different people to communicate with, it has made communication a much simpler task. Employees are now able to talk to each other through emails, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and all of this is now accessible on the move. This offers businesses to be able to keep up with everything that is going on, even while on site, or even in a whole other country.

The best offering from the new social media communications, in my opinion, is the ability for better communication between a business and it’s stakeholders (e.g. a sport club and it’s fans). This communication allows the business to know what it’s stakeholders think of how they are doing and where they are going wrong, as well as what could be improved. The most important thing a business can do is keep it’s current customers and stakeholders happy so that they can continue to retain them.

However, even with all these new communication opportunities businesses need to be careful with what they communicate and how. Important confidential information should not be shared through the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and account safety is important in preventing any chance of this information leaking out to the public.

Overall, the new medias are fantastic for businesses, but as always with anything on the internet, safety is key.